About Us

Every business has its unique success story and ABTraders is privileged to acknowledge their own.

Established in 2012, ABTraders is a wholesale distributor of cellphone and Cellphone parts that started off with three brothers at hand; rising with time as the wireless industry advances, gradually earning its name as one of the most preeminent Device & Cell repair parts distributor.
Today, ABTraders houses the largest selection of Devices and cellular part in the market from the top cellular brand names, providing technicians the convenience of dealing with only one source.
ABTraders values and acknowledges the importance of time that technicians have on their hands, which is why we focus on the availability of the products, from the lowest cost in devices and the smallest screw to the most complex part that no one would envision a company would hold, ABTraders  has it.
ABTraders maintains to stay on top, serving clients with great customer service, quality assurance and prices worth every penny.